TrIp advice


Mårbu to Kalhovd

From Mårbu, the trail continiues southeast passing the partially swampy areas towards  Syvra (must walk on the rocks, or wade if the water is high). The trail continiues up the hill towards Syvrenuten on the east side of this, towards Oppnestjønni and Uppnesåi (must walk on the rocks, or wade if the water is high). The trail leads over Mårsbrotet towards Vesle Flottetjønn and further down the hill to Kalhovd.

Lågaros Foto: DNT Oslo og Omegn

Mårbu to Lågaros

Northwest and over Skjorteåe on the summer bridge and west past the crossing to Rauhelleren. Over Kosadalsåe at the northwest end of Mårtjønne, up along Hetteåe and across the river on the summer bridge west of Havfossjønne, and up the valley along the south side of Hetteåe. Continue up to the southwest and then down to the Viuvatnet, across the outlet stream and along the lake. Then west across Viuvasshovdun on the southern edge and on the north side of Tangetjønnan to the cabin.

Snart sengetid på Rauhelleren
Snart sengetid på Rauhelleren Foto: Wenche Andreassen

Rauhelleren to Mårbu

Along the Langesjøen to the estuary of Djupa at Hansbu. Over the bridge and past the crossing to Ulvelilægeret and Solheimstulen, and down Reinvassdalen to the bridge over Lågen in Geitvassdalen. In a gentle climb up towards Krossvasshovda where the tow (slepa) between Lågaros and Solheimstulen is crossed. Down Grøntjønndalen past Kosadalssætre and the crossing to Lågaros. At the summer bridge over Skjorteåe and to Mårbu

Be well prepared for the Norwegian Summer

The norwegian summer can be challenging, with very shifting contitions. Read the DNTs recommendations about clothes, equipment etc. for the summer season