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Kalhovd Turisthytte
Kalhovd Turisthytte

Mårbu to Kalhovd

It is about 20 km between Mårbu and Kalhovd. The tour is usually waymarked from the beginning of March through Easter. The route is waymarked from Mårbu to Oppnesberget over Mår. From Oppnesberget the trail goes to Store Gloppetjønn, down towards Vestre Flottetjønni and down the slope to Kalhovd Turisthytte.

Ved Rauhelleren. Foto Hilde Løken Magnussen
Ved Rauhelleren. Foto Hilde Løken Magnussen

Rauhelleren to Mårbu

Waymarked from March until end of Easter. Over Langesjøen towards Geitvassdalen. Over Reinavatnet towards Krossvasshovda, which rounded on the northern side. Beyond the Kosadalen valley, and past the place where the routes split towards Lågaros, and finally to Mårbu.

Foto: Marius Dalseg Sætre

Solheimstulen to Mårbu

Usually waymarked from the beginning of March until the end of Easter.  Follow the track south, past the trail crossing to Rauhelleren, and up the hill to Kruketjønne and the trail  crossing to Imingfjell. Then you go over Langetjønne and in southwest direction on the east side of Synhovd, over Smågefjorden and Nordre Holdstadtjønne and on the north side of Olavarden, and down to Mårbu.

Be well prepared for the Norwegian Winter

The norwegian winter can be extreme. Read the DNTs recommendations about clothes, equipment etc. for the winter season