how to get to mårbu

Foto: Mårbu turisthytte

Arrival Summer

Take the bus from Oslo via Drammen and Kongsberg, or from Skien via Notodden to Rjukan. From there: Bus to Synken.

Follow rv. 37 towards Rjukan. At Mær turn off to rv. 364 towards Austbygdi. At Atrå turn off to Kalhovd, 33 km (toll road) and on to Synken. From here you take the boat to Mårbu tourist cabin (first stop).

You can get to the cabin from the gate west of Sønstevatn within Imingen. By bike to where the trail takes off from the road east of the Gvonneviertjønne, there is barely 5 hours walking time to the cabin. It is also 5 hours to walk from the Solheimstulen (at the very top of Uvdal).

Arrival Winter


Bus to Uvdal and car to Solheimstulen. From there it is a waymarked winter route to Mårbu. When the cabin is staffed, skimobile transport can be arranged.

It is also waymarked from Imingfjell Turistheim (26 km)

If you have questions about arrival, please contact us.